Summer Plans

A Summer Well Spent

1. LEARN A NEW SKILL TO ADD TO YOUR RESUME - By learning a new skill, not only can you impress future employers, but it can also make you more marketable when you go on the job hunt. Search for industry wide programs commonly used in your field of study such as Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, as well as Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or even a programming language, depending on what career you want to pursue.

2. GET AN INTERNSHIP, DO A JOB SHADOW, OR CONDUCT AN INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW - Any/all of these options can further your experience and knowledge of your industry. With a summer internship you’ll gain insight into your field of study and also beef up your resume. Still undecided about your career path? A job shadow or informational interview are great ways to help you explore different career options before you dive into the job market.

3. GET READY FOR ELECTION 2020 - It might seem far away, but 2019 is an important year for the next big general election. This is when parties and primary elections will determine who is running for both local and national positions. The summer is a great opportunity to learn about where candidates stand on the issues you care about, which ones you want to support, and how and when to vote in the primaries. Even better, make your voice heard! Join a campaign, knock on doors for an advocacy group, or write your local representatives to let them know how your community can be improved. 

4. VOLUNTEER - Spend your summer pitching in at a local non-profit or community organization. It is a great way to learn about life and yourself, and it can help you develop leadership skills that will last a lifetime. 

5. WORK A SUMMER JOB - There's no denying you can still find work experience and build your resume with a summer job near your home.  Check out the options on campus here at Coe. Call up your old boss from your part-time job in high school or search your town for places trying to fill a position. Whether you’re working as a lifeguard or in food service, employers want to see that you have experience in a work environment and are responsible. Plus, you’ll have some extra money in your pocket. To learn how to search for a summer job in Handshake, click here.

6. MAKE A BUDGET - Now that you’ve earned all this money, what do to with it? Spend it all on a shopping spree? Buy a new iPad? Whoa, take is easy. Make a budget for next semester so you can keep track of your spending. Set a spending limit each month for food, rent, transportation, supplies, entertainment, and other expenses. Talk with your parents about your financial situation and consider getting a credit card if you don’t have one already.

7. EMAIL YOUR PROFESSORS - In the beginning of the summer, take the time to send out a few thank you emails to your professors. Think about it- your professors are all professionals, have extensive knowledge of potential careers, and can even be your connection to a future job, so why not send them an email this summer? 

8. GET LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION - Having an impressive letter of recommendation (or a few) is super beneficial, and sometimes required, when submitting a job application. Get your recommendations in order this summer by asking past professors of classes you excelled in or previous employers to put your accomplishments, character, and work ethic into words. A great letter of recommendation is both personal and could showcase your talents that can’t be inferred from a resume.

9. CATCH UP ON READING - Unwind after a long day by sitting down with a good book. Pick out a New York Times Best Seller, an old classic, or a how-to book to open your mind and learn something new. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to catch up on some reading for one of your classes next semester. 

10. EXPLORE CEDAR RAPIDS! - Don’t have plans of going on a big, lavish vacation this summer? No problem at all. Take time this summer to explore the city in which you live and go to school! Cedar Rapids has lots to offer and students who are working, interning or conducting research in the Corridor can take part in a number of ICR events throughout the summer – all designed for you to get to know the area better.

11. FOLLOW COE COLLEGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! - Stay updated with the latest on campus news. We’re always here to chat and answer your questions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

12. REST AND REJUVENATE - College can be stressful. Slow down this summer and get plenty of rest, spend quality time with people (and pets!) you love, and make time for things that bring you joy. Looking to the next academic year, nothing will help you more than coming back rejuvenated and ready to learn.

To learn how to search for a summer job in Handshake: