A biology faculty member

Successful Alumni

Emily Porter graduated in 2012 with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. She is originally from Overland Park, Kansas, which is a southwestern suburb of the Kansas City metro area. She currently resides in Indianapolis, where she is studying in the Butler University physician assistant program. Emily's area of study is physician assistant studies, but in her program she earned another bachelor’s degree in health and human sciences.

"My sophomore year I didn't even know what a physician assistant was. Maria Dean, a chemistry professor outside of my major, was actually the first person to introduce the idea to me. I think this just proves that Coe professors even outside of your major can make a huge impact on your career path."

Kaitlin Breitbach

Kaitlin Breitbach graduated in May 2011 with a behavioral neuroscience major and philosophy minor. She grew up in Cedar Rapids and is currently living in Coralville, Iowa. Kaitlin is enrolled in the University of Iowa's physician assistant program. She will graduate in June 2015 and hopes to continue on in a pediatrics specialty.

"Coe is the place I attribute to providing me with the education, confidence, resources and life skills necessary to take on a challenging and rewarding career. There is no other school that could have provided me with such a complete and fulfilling experience; there's definitely no place like Coe."

Monica Freiburger graduated from Coe College with her bachelor's in biology. Monica serves as the donor eligibility manager where she is responsible for the coordination and support of the daily operations. Monica began her journey at the Iowa Eye Bank as a recovery technician, and then transferred to a full-time position in donor eligibility.