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Internships & Research

African American Studies Internships & Research

An independent study project serves as the capstone experience of the major. This course allows a faculty member and student the opportunity to work together closely on a topic of particular interest to the student. It is designed to allow maximum flexibility and can take many forms, from a traditional academic research project or documentary filmmaking to the development of internet-based content of various kinds. This flexibility ensures students are able to focus on an area of interest to them, while also reflecting on all they have learned about African American culture and life during their time at Coe.

In addition to the course requirements, directed studies, internships and off-campus-study opportunities may be woven into students' plans of study.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa’s second largest city, offers many local internship opportunities for African American studies majors. Coe has strong relationships at local companies in Cedar Rapids such as the African American Museum of Iowa, which is located less than 2.5 miles from Coe’s campus.