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Employers and corporate leaders all point to creativity and innovation as essential job skills for the 21st century.

As we all know, life today moves quickly, and problems are becoming ever more complex and difficult to solve. Coe’s Creativity Center helps students practice their problem-solving skills in creative and collaborative environments from the classroom to the community, giving Kohawks an edge in innovation, resilience and originality.

Here at the C3: Creativity, we design opportunities for students to translate their liberal arts skill sets and knowledge into real-world environments whether on campus, in the community or beyond.

Our initiatives include:

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Office of Storytelling: 

  • We tell stories all the time — in job interviews, resumes, class presentations, elevator pitches and more!
  • Our lives are, in fact, a series of ever-changing stories we use to make sense of the world, to persuade an audience or to sell a product or idea.
  • The Office of Storytelling can help you tell your stories. We also can help you know when your story should pivot to meet the challenges of a new situation or context.
  • Our services range from individualized story assistance to events such as Elevator Pitches in the Elevator, Coffee with Cool People and more.
  • Now partnering with the Speakout! Center in the Learning Commons so you can tell more stories better!

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Design Thinking:

  • Design Thinking is a creative method of problem-solving that encourages innovative and creative solutions that are human-centered as well as economically viable.
  • Design Thinking is used by major corporations like IBM, Intuit, GE, Samsung and many more.
  • Here at Coe we offer Design Thinking workshops, courses where students practice this problem-solving methodology while addressing real-world issues.
  • Design Thinking workshops at Coe have worked with community partners on specific real-world problems.
  • For example, in spring of 2018, a design thinking collaborative worked with the Family Caregivers Center of Mercy Hospital to assist them in broadening the reach of their services.
  • Another group assisted a local coffee shop, Brewed Awakenings, with ideas to extend their social media presence in creative ways.
  • This is a .5 full semester course at the 200 level. Search for WKS or click on Workshop in the Department listing in the online catalog.

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Innovation Labs:

  • The Innovation Labs are an experiment intended to integrate experiential learning into the standard curricular frame, with real-world involvement as their core element.
  • Students in Innovation Labs can explore, examine, test prototypes and work on projects with community members and the college.
  • This is where you can try to form your own student-run business, tinker with robotics, help a nonprofit with innovative volunteer opportunities and more!
  • Experiences in Innovation Labs are messy, full of failures and challenges from the annoying to the serious. But what better way to prepare you for life in the "real world" where things rarely go according to plan?
  • Contact Andrea Kann at to learn more.

NEW FOR SPRING 2019: Two new WKS course

  • WKS 221C: 01 Innovation Lab: The Picture of Health: This seven-week workshop will help pre-med and nursing students sharpen their observation, perspective, resilience and empathy skills.
  • WKS 221C: 02 Innovation Lab: Creative Leadership: This seven-week workshop is designed for student leaders who want to enhance their empathy, perspective, resilience and observation skills.

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INT 100 Professionalism and Self-Presentation:

  • This mini-course helps you present yourself authentically and professionally to potential employers, graduate schools and others.
  • You have the benefit of Coe alums and local business and nonprofit leaders who provide personal mentoring and guidance as you learn to position yourself for future success!
  • This is a .25 course that runs seven weeks. Contact Andrea Kann at to learn more.

Your Initiative here:

We make it possible, but you make it happen! Do you have an idea, an entrepreneurial project, a collaborative enterprise you have been wanting to explore? Bring it to the Creativity Center, and we will help you take the steps to make it happen!