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Pre-Public Health

Public Health is an excellent career path that allows a student to apply coursework from both the sciences and humanities that are at the core of Coe's liberal arts education.

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The coursework from numerous majors on Coe's campus will successfully prepare a student to pursue a Master in Public Health (MPH) and be involved in aspects of health such as Global Health, Epidemiology, and Community and Behavioral Health. The pre-public health coursework prepares students to be competitive when applying for professional school or graduate programs in health related fields.

Coe graduates have a record of successful completion of MPH degrees from national and international institutions. Additionally, Coe students who earned MPH degrees have secured employment in a variety of private and public sector positions including neurosurgery residents, policy analysts, health education specialists, economic research specialists and research associates. Others have gone on to pursue medical degrees and other advanced degrees in the health professions.

Besides traditional entry to two-year MPH programs, Coe has a dual degree program that allows students to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree and a MPH degree in five years.

Coe B.A/MPH Dual Degree Program

  • Allows for early entry in the workforce in the growing field of public health
  • Students from any major at Coe can apply and be considered for the dual degree program
  • Students spend four years in residence at Coe to complete the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) degree and begin coursework to earn a Master or Public Health (MPH) degree through the University of Iowa
  • The four courses taken for the MPH program while in residence at Coe can be taken online or face-to-face at the University of Iowa
  • After graduating from Coe, the student completes the MPH by taking three courses in the summer followed by a year in residency at the University of Iowa

The undergraduate to graduate program allows Coe students to complete their Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Iowa in five years. During their four years of residency at Coe, students complete four courses that apply towards the MPH degree. After graduating from Coe, the student completes three mores courses in the summer, and one academic year in residence at the University of Iowa College of Public Health. Coe students will take a total of four MPH courses at Coe. These courses can be taken at the University of Iowa or through web-based course offerings. This allows for early entry into the workforce in the growing field of public health. Students from any major at Coe can apply and be considered for admission to the MPH program.

Admission Requirements

  • Students have taken the Fundamentals of Public Health course through the UI (online or at UI campus).  This course is generally taken in the spring of the sophomore year. Approval from Coe’s faculty B.A./MPH advisor is required for course enrollment.
  • Completion of 20 course credits (cc) of undergraduate work toward a B.A. at Coe.
  • At least a 3.25 (3.5 for epidemiology) overall GPA; Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 (3.25 for epidemiology) at the time of transition to graduate only status.
  • A letter of application including a statement of purpose.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Students have taken at least one course in mathematics (statistics strongly encouraged) and one course in biology, chemistry, or physics.
  • Completion of the SOPHAS and UI Graduate Admission Applications
  • For additional information about applying to the MPH program see the University of Iowa Webpage.
  • For more information contact Dr. Cassy Cozine ( the faculty advisor for the BA/MPH dual degree program.

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