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What is Army ROTC?

Army ROTC is a college elective, designed to be integrated with your regular curriculum, and give you the skills needed to become an Army officer or a leader in any field. Any Coe student can take the first two years of Army ROTC without obligation...and learn to lead.

For students or prospective students, Army ROTC also provides the path toward Army officership with numerous benefits. From training, to full-tuition scholarships, to a guaranteed job after college, Army ROTC offers a great deal to those interested in serving.

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What is an officer?

Officers lead the Army. An officer plans the work of the organization, assigns tasks to subordinates and ensures work is accomplished to the highest standard. They do so by developing missions, training their subordinates, influencing people and solving problems. Even the most junior officer routinely has thirty or more personnel under his control. An officer must have integrity and the warrior spirit.

Opportunities and Scholarships

College is expensive, and the cost keeps going up. The good news is that we may be able to help you. High School seniors may compete for three and four year full-tuition scholarships, and students already on campus may compete for two, three and four year full-tuition scholarships. At Coe, 3 and 4 year scholarships include housing and food! Scholarship students are also given a $1200 per year allowance for books. Additionally, all contracted cadets (regardless of scholarship status) will also receive a $300 - $500 monthly tax free stipend.

We are looking for you if...

  • You have good grades (2.5+ GPA and a 20+ ACT).
  • You are physically and medically fit. Participation on sports teams is a plus.
  • You are interested in a career as an Army Leader.
  • You seek mental and physical challenge.
  • You have a high moral standards and a clean criminal record.

What courses do we offer?

Each semester, Army ROTC offers a course to each level of college students. Our freshman and sophomore level courses (MIL 101, 102, 103, and 104) are open to all Coe students and instruct the basics of officership. Topics include time management, basic tactics, land navigation, effective communication, and goal setting. Our junior and senior level courses are reserved for contracted ROTC Cadets who are seeking a commission in the US Army.

In addition, we offer an Advanced Military Fitness Class (MIL 095) open to any Coe student. This course offers a great workout plus instruction on diet, nutrition, and weight control.

After College

Whether you become an officer or just take ROTC classes, our training will make you a much sought after employee. That's because your employer knows you understand how to positively influence your organization to achieve success. Your employer knows you've been held accountable. Those who choose to become officers also have a great job after college in the Active or Reserve components of the Army.