Coe College band rehearsal

Course Requirements

Mission Statement

Recognizing that music is a crucial component of the liberal arts experience, the Coe College Department of Music believes in the significance of offering a strong music program to students of all ability levels — from the novice to the pre-professional musician. Therefore, the mission of the Department of Music is:

  1. To provide the highest quality pre-professional undergraduate music training possible in the areas of performance, elementary and secondary vocal and instrumental teaching, and theory and composition; this program shall remain consistent with the educational objectives and standards of the college as a whole, consistent with the standards of the National Association of Schools of Music, consistent with traditionally recognized practices in the pre-professional training of musicians, and consistent with, and in accordance with, the skills, areas of expertise and professional goals of its music faculty taken as a whole.
  2. To provide a broad range of opportunities for study and participation in both performance and music courses by students who may not intend to pursue music as a profession.
  3. To provide support for the creative, artistic and professional development of its music faculty.
  4. To provide the services of performance and music expertise to the college community in the forms of concerts, ceremonial music and interdisciplinary teaching.
  5. To provide leadership in educational and cultural experiences in music to the outside community.

Four-Year Plan — Bachelor of Arts in Music

The following represents only one of many paths you can take to complete the Bachelor of Arts with music major. (You can add a jazz, music industry or pre-music therapy emphasis to your major as well.) Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog and the departmental handbook to review all of your options.

First Year

  • MU-115 Music Fundamentals I
  • MU-125 Music Fundamentals II
  • 2 terms of MUA - Applied Music

Second Year

  • MU-215 Music Fundamentals III
  • MU-255 Music History and Literature I or II
  • MU-458 Music History and Literature III
  • 2 terms of MUA - Applied Music

Third Year

  • MU elective
  • 2 terms of MUA - Applied Music

Fourth Year

  •  2 terms of MUA - Applied Music