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What does 1 course credit equal in semester hours?

1 course credit = 4 semester hours. To convert all of your work at Coe, multiply your Credits Earned (CE) by 4.

How can I verify my time at Coe for loans, scholarships, insurance, etc?

We offer online enrollment verification for current students through the National Clearinghouse, which they can access by logging into > Student Tab > Enrollment Verification/Loan Locator.

We offer degree verifications through the National Student Clearinghouse at

May I take courses elsewhere while I am a student at Coe College?

Yes! To ensure the transferability of a course, the Registrar must approve any academic coursework taken at another institution before enrolling in the course. Forms are available in our office and in our student portal,

What happens on my transcript when I withdraw from a course?

There are three different actions that can be placed on your transcript when you withdraw from a course: no permanent record, a permanent “W” or a permanent “WF.”

  1. If you drop a course during the first two days the course meets, and do not completely withdraw from the college, nothing will be placed on your permanent record (transcript). If you do completely withdraw from the college, a “W” can be placed on your transcript to show that you did enroll at the college for that term.
  2. If you drop a course with 2/3 or less of the term completed, a “W” (withdrawal) will be entered on your permanent record. This does not affect your GPA in any way but can make a transcript look less aesthetically pleasing when compared to a transcript without many “W’s.” This also might affect your financial aid in relation to calculating satisfactory academic progress. Questions regarding this should be addressed to Coe’s Financial Aid Office.
  3. If you drop a course after 2/3 of the term is completed, a “WF” (withdrawal fail) will be entered on your permanent record. This does affect your GPA (essentially acting as an F in terms of GPA points).

For courses spanning a fraction of a term, the last date to withdraw with a “W” will be calculated using the 2/3 fraction. Please view the Academic Calendar for official dates for full-term and half-term courses.

How do I know if I am completing my general education requirements?

A current student can see their general education progress on under the student tab > Advising on the left-hand side. They can even track their progress toward any declared majors or minors here!

When do I file an intent to graduate?

A student must submit this to the Registrar's Office at least two terms before the anticipated graduation date. This is to allow time for our staff to verify you are on track to complete your degree when you want to. You can submit this form electronically on > Student tab > Graduation Info on the left-hand side.

Are there residency requirements to earn a degree from Coe College?

Yes, and they are outlined in our Catalog. Students must either:

  1. Enroll full-time for eight 15-week terms of coursework, and, in the process, successfully complete at least 30 full-credit (1.0 course credit) experiences; or
  2. Successfully complete at least 32 full-credit (1.0 course credit) experiences.