Coe students working in a science lab

Course Requirements

Concurrent completion of a primary major in biology is required to earn the molecular biology collateral major.

A typical four-year plan for a student majoring in the molecular biology collateral looks something like this. There is some flexibility, which allows for additional majors and minors. For more details, refer to the college catalog.

First Year

  • BIO 145/145L Cellular and Molecular Biology with lab
  • BIO 155/155L Organismal and Ecological Biology with lab
  • CHM 101/101L General Chemistry with lab
  • MTH 135 Calculus 1 or STA 100/110 Statistical Foundations/Inferential Reasoning

Second Year

  • BIO 202 Topics in Evolution
  • BIO 205/205L Botany with lab
  • BIO 235/235L Genetics with lab
  • CHM 102/102L General Chemistry 2 with lab
  • CHM 221 Organic Chemistry 1

Third Year

  • BIO 375/375L Integrated Human Physiology with lab
  • BIO 345/345L Techniques in Molecular Biology with lab
  • CHM 221 Organic Chemistry 2
  • CHM 321 Organic Chemistry Lab

Fourth Year

  • Advanced Elective with lab (Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Molecular Neurobiology, Cell Physiology, Immunology)
  • BIO 405 Current Topics in Molecular Biology
  • CHM 431/431L Biochemistry or CHM 432/432L Protein Biochemistry

PHY 165/165L, 185/185L Basic Physics I and II or PHY 175/175L, 195/195L General Physics I and II are strongly recommended. 

Because of significantly overlapping course requirements in the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry collateral majors, only one of the two majors can be elected by a student.