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Pre-Physical Therapy

Kalais Kuhlmann

A Springboard for Opportunity

"My Coe experience was never confined to a classroom; instead, the classroom became a springboard for opportunities that existed elsewhere. Coe College provided me with the building blocks to create a foundation I am confident will continue to serve me well."

Kalais Kuhlmann graduated in 2013 with majors in biology and neuroscience. She received her doctorate in physical therapy and rehabilitation science from the University of Iowa and practices in Polk City, Iowa.

Why Pre-Physical Therapy at Coe?

The areas of study available at Coe provide excellent preparation for a professional school or graduate program. As early as possible in your undergraduate years, coordinate a four-year academic program with the entrance requirements of the graduate institutions in which you are interested.
The course of study for Coe pre-physical therapy normally includes an emphasis on biology and chemistry, with additional study possible in physics and mathematics. Coe's biology, chemistry and pre-med clubs can help you meet and interact with students who share your interests.

Special faculty advisors are available to help you fulfill the requirements for entrance into postgraduate training for physical therapy. Your Coe advisor can facilitate internships and other practical experiences to help you learn more about the professional specialties in which you are interested.

Coe graduates have an excellent record of admission to leading medical and professional schools. In recent years Coe grads have been accepted at medical schools such as Stanford University, the University of Iowa, Baylor University, Duke University, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Tips for Success:

  • Follow the pre-health course of study. This will include science requirements — usually biology courses, chemistry and physics.
  • Contact the pre-health advisors (Dr. Paul Storer or Chad Libby). They will help you to plan out your schedule of classes. You also will have the opportunity to set up an internship, set up volunteer experiences and keep your application process on schedule.
  • Check with the physical therapy schools where you want to apply for specific courses they require for admission. You may need to add some courses to meet a school's special requirements, and these courses can be taken through general education requirements.
  • Join the Pre-med Club, Biology Club or Chemistry Club and enjoy the company of students with similar interests.
Logan Lynch

Strong Foundation

Logan Lynch ’17

"The classes I took were challenging enough to prepare me the best they could for the rigorous curriculum in graduate school. I came out with a strong base of knowledge, a good work ethic and great study habits that I developed due to the preparatory work I had done in my classes at Coe."

During her time at Coe, Logan completed a Health Sciences Internship at Ability Physical Therapy in Marion. It expanded on her knowledge of treatment options, providing a strong base for graduate school at the University of Iowa. “It helped me feel more confident, especially when I go in with real patients now because I had already had a lot of practice with patient communication.”