Coe Plan

A Coe Education

From the moment students formally announce their entrance into the Coe community by ringing the Victory Bell at orientation to a similar moment four years later at graduation, each aspect of their education is guided by Coe’s mission to prepare them for life.

Coe introduces students to a variety of experiences through internships, off-campus study, and individual research with faculty, as well as special guest lecturers and personal career planning and advice.

Group of students working on a study room

Coe enables , students to have the opportunity to learn from industry and academic professionals around the country and world.

Coe students teaching english while studying abroad

Coe College encourages its students to gain a global perspective by offering off-campus study through exchange programs. Students can study and receive course credit at universities in France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden and Thailand.

Coe College's requirements for graduation were developed with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Creation of a bridge from high school to Coe College that helps students understand the importance of a liberal arts education, the ways to develop the skills needed by any learner, and the opportunities they will have by going to Coe College.
  • Development of required curriculum that exposes the students to ways of learning in various contexts, big ideas in a myriad of disciplines, ways of being and understanding of cultures around the world, and processes to develop the skills needed by any learner.
  • Creation of a bridge from Coe College to life after Coe.

These outcomes are met through the college's first-year experience, general education program, writing emphasis courses and the College's Practicum experiences and areas of focus.

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