Coe College Publications

At Coe, we produce a wealth of publications for a variety of audiences. Here's your connection to four Coe periodicals that are of most interest to our community.

The Courier

Courier - Summer 2018

The Courier, Coe's alumni magazine, is your best and broadest source for news about Coe faculty, students, alumni and campus developments.


E-News sample

Coe College E-News is an email newsletter sent monthly to update alumni, parents and friends on the latest news and events at Coe. It will keep you informed of the latest news and events at Coe, and keep you up-to-date on alumni events.


Bibliophile - small cover photo

The Bibliophile, published annually, keeps people who love Coe and love books informed about significant events and acquisitions at Stewart Memorial Library, the intellectual heart of the college community.


For those interested in following Kohawk sports, we publish the annual Scorecard, which is loaded with scores, team reports and profiles of student athletes.