Stewart Memorial Library

Center for Health & Society

"Growing a Liberally Educated Healthcare Professional"

Coe College's Center for Health and Society (CHS) is the newest strategic plan on campus to provide a place to explore what it means to study, work and be active in various health-focused communities.

Serving as a hub for all students with health career interests, the CHS will help to connect students to a multitude of comprehensive services not only on campus, but also within the community and within their professional area of interest.

The Center for Health and Society will help students...

  • explore their desired career choices,
  • learn about post-graduate opportunities,
  • connect with alumni and community members in their desired health field,
  • develop strong applications for post-graduate studies, scholarships, or professional studies.

Chad Libby

Chad Libby, MS, ATC, CSCS

Program Director of Athletic Training Education

Paul Storer

Paul D. Storer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology