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Peer-to-peer tutoring is available for all students

Requesting a Tutor

Tutoring is available to Coe students at no charge and any student may request a tutor for any class. Tutors are assigned through paired matches and/or through tutee self-scheduling on WCOnline, and are available on a first-come, first served basis. All tutoring is contingent on tutor availability. 

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How do I know I need a tutor?

The earlier a student seeks tutoring support, the more likely it is that the tutoring will have an impact on learning and performance, and the more likely it is that a tutor will be available.Tutoring may be an appropriate academic support for you when you are attending class regularly, and:

  • You are having difficulty keeping up with the pace of the professor
  • You feel confused after class when reviewing your notes
  • You are consistently unable to figure out how to complete out of class assignments
  • You are experiencing feelings of anxiety or frustration related to the class
  • You find yourself repeatedly putting off preparing for class

Please note that tutoring is never a substitution for consistent class attendance. 

Helping Good Students Get Better:
Becoming a Tutor

Peer tutors are available to help students in most academic courses. Tutors must have successfully completed the tutored course, received faculty approval, and participated in tutor orientation. Tutors are paid, but there is no charge to students for tutoring services. Tutors have control over their schedules, and appointments may be scheduled during the day, in the evenings and on weekends, and take place in the Learning Commons.

Coe needs you! Tutors are needed for all subjects, particularly in math, science, and business courses. Earn money while sharing your knowledge and honing your interpersonal skills. You do NOT need to qualify for work-study to be a paid tutor. Tutor hiring will take place prior to and within the first couple of weeks of each new term. Click below to submit your application to become a tutor.

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Questions? Email tutoring@coe.edu