Excited group of Coe students in front of the Victory Bell

Parents & Visitors

Welcome Parents and Visitors!

David McInally

I would like to offer you the warmest welcome to Coe College on behalf of the entire Coe community. As the parent of two recent college graduates I can understand the excitement and hope that you are feeling, as well as the anxieties that parents sometimes feel as our children embark on new adventures.

We believe that what matters most in college is the quality of teaching, advising, and student support. Your involvement in this mission is critically important, as our students are called upon to work harder than they probably have in the past, and to operate with absolute integrity in their academic work and personal lives. I assure you that the Coe faculty and staff will do the same, and that kind of educational partnership—students and faculty, parents and college staff—can produce extraordinary results.

As someone who has lived in another part of the country, I am happy to report that Coe’s reputation for teaching and learning excellence is known far and wide. We are fortunate to join a community that focuses not on gimmicks or amenities, but on the transformative education that results from close individual relationships with students and faculty, who identify and solve problems together. There is no better preparation for career success and personal fulfillment.

We are also aware that most families make substantial sacrifices in order to attend Coe. The value of this investment will emerge over time, as countless Coe graduates will attest. Your child will become part of an extensive alumni network, so they will not only benefit from the on-campus educational program, but will also be part of the Coe family for life—as will you. We are immensely pleased to have you join us.

If you have questions or concerns at any point along the way, please call me or any member of the Coe team. I look forward to meeting you in person and wish you and your family the very best.

David McInally