Coe Student

Course Requirements

Sample Four-Year Plan

The philosophy and religion department offers courses designed to lead students to reflect on their views concerning fundamental issues in life and thought. Since both the philosophical and religious traditions have had a central place in and an enormous influence upon the development of human culture, any student seeking a liberal education, whatever the major discipline, will profit from the departmental offerings.

The following represents only one of many paths students can take to complete the major in philosophy.  A grade of “C” (2.0) or higher must be earned in all courses counted toward a major in philosophy.

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options.

First Year

  • PHL-105 Introduction to Philosophy 
  • PHL-230 Medieval Philosophy
  • PHL-240 Early Modern Philosophy 

Second Year 

  • PHL-165 Bio-medical Ethics 
  • PHL-220 Ancient Greek Philosophy
  • PHL-235 Philosophy of Science

Third Year

  • PHL-205 Environmental Ethics
  • PHL-265 Political Philosophy
  • PHL-320 Seminar in Ethics

Fourth Year

  • PHL-800 Philosophy Colloquium (non-credit bearing)  
  • PHL-345 Philosophy of Language 
  • PHL-365 Philosophy of Art and Aesthetic Experience