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Successful Alumni

Cinnamon Moore

Cinnamon Moore '16 spent the summer after her sophomore year researching African American history in Cedar Rapids with Dr. Brie Swenson-Arnold. Their research was featured in a publication, as well as at the National Public History Convention in Tennessee. Then during May Term of her junior year, Cinnamon joined Professor Swenson-Arnold on a trip across the South, exploring sites of Civil Rights, Civil War and slavery commemoration. She also interned at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) during her term in Washington, D.C. Cinnamon says her experience in the African American studies program, as well as personal recommendations from Coe faculty and Coe President David McInally, helped her stand out among the many internship applicants.

"The African American studies program is truly unlike any other program because of its unique requirement that focuses on interdisciplinary study. I got to dabble in sociology, psychology, history and literature while investigating broader ideas of urbanism, gentrification, racism and so much more. It also provided me with freedom and control over my own education to do solo research and explore my own background. Majoring in African American studies was the turning point in my college career that sparked my passion and set in motion a lifelong interest in social activism, equality and modern-day race relations."