Data Science

Why Data Science at Coe?

2.5 quintillion bytes, or roughly 75 DVDs. That’s how much data a single person produces in a day, according to IBM. As we learn to harness and understand all that data, it’s leading to world-changing innovations.

Gathering and interpreting data is a crucial practice in high demand for medicine, education, aviation, agriculture, media, public health and many more fields. Coe's interdisciplinary data science major will equip you with the tools and connections to be a positive change leader.

In the classroom, you will learn the fundamental computational and mathematical skills required in data science but be able to choose from a variety of other courses that align with your specific interests. By graduation, you will be able to build data sets, construct hypotheses, analyze supporting data, form conclusions based on analysis and then present your findings.

Outside the classroom, you will have an incredible advantage. For four years in a row The Princeton Review has named Coe one of the nation’s Top 25 Best Schools for Internships, including 10th in the nation this year. The college maintains relationships with local businesses, including those in the data, insurance and aerospace sectors, that will create meaningful internship opportunities. You will be able to apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world experiences before you graduate.