Coe science student with protective goggles

Course Requirements

Different veterinary schools have somewhat different prerequisites for admission, so students will need to be aware of the requirements at the institution she or he hopes to attend.

However, many requirements are similar. Using the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine as an example, the following four year schedule represents one path toward meeting ISU’s requirements for admission. While this is not a major, a biology or chemistry major will fit with these requirements quite well. 

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options, and be sure to use the advisors at the Center for Health and Society.

First Year

  • BIO-145 Cellular and Molecular Biology and BIO-140 Introduction to Biology Laboratory 
  • BIO-155/ -150 Organismal and Ecological Biology and Laboratory 
  • CHM-101/ -101L General Chemistry I and Laboratory

Second Year 

  • CHM-102/ -102L General Chemistry II and Laboratory
  • BIO-235/ -230 Genetics and Laboratory 
  • CHM-221 Organic Chemistry I
  • COM-125 Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Third Year

  • CHM-321 Organic Chemistry II 
  • CHM-322 Organic Laboratory
  • PHY-115/-110 Basic Physics I & Laboratory

Fourth Year

  • CHM-431/ -431L Biochemistry and Laboratory
  • BIO-355,-350 Animal Physiology and Laboratory
  • RHE-265 Professional Writing