Students in a teacher education class

Successful Alumni

Coe Education graduates typically begin teaching the first semester after graduation. Our grads can be found across the globe teaching a wide range of subjects to students of all ages.

Giselle Garcia '21Giselle Garcia

"My education professors made me feel welcome and understood at Coe. They always saw me as a person before a student. I am grateful to them because without their constant advice and encouragement, I would not be where I am today!"

Major: Elementary Education

Currently employed as a 3rd grade teacher in the College Community School District. 

Alijandra Feldman

Alijaundra Feldman '20

"The experience I got through school placements has been invaluable and allowed me to figure out my teaching style and how to best build relationships with colleagues, families and, most importantly, students."

Majors: Secondary Education, Biology

Currently employed at Newman Catholic High School as a Biology teacher.



Lane HalupnikLane Halupnik '19

"The faculty and classes at Coe provided me with real-world experiences that allowed me to see what my future was going to look like. Through these experiences, I was able to identify the grade levels that I worked best with while getting authentic teaching practice. I am extremely thankful for those opportunities because it made the transition into leading my own classroom that much easier."

Major: Elementary Education

Currently employed at Southeast Polk Community School District as a Language Arts teacher.


Shaylee MaasShaylee Maas '18

"I grew so much through my years in the Education Department at Coe and doubled that growth in my 16 weeks of student teaching. I am so thankful for being at a school that was small and personal. It was great to be able to make the connections in the Department with peers and professors. Each professor helped me tremendously to be successful in different ways. They all have their own specialties that combined made me the teacher I am today."

Major: Elementary Education

Currently employed in the Linn Mar Community School District.