Professor giving lecture in teacher education class

Political Science

Why Political Science at Coe?

We have four central planks in our platform (to use a metaphor from politics).

  1. Our courses emphasize the breadth of political science and present politics as a worldwide phenomenon.
  2. You will become an analytical and critical thinker, as well as a powerful and effective communicator.
  3. We nurture active and responsible habits of citizenship, encouraging service learning and the development of political values.
  4. We offer excellent opportunities for additional ways to study politics outside the classroom including off-campus study, internships and clubs.

If you want a rigorous training in political science that emphasizes learning about politics all around the world, developing your own political values and essential analytical and communication skills, this is the place for you. If you want to take small classes in which you think deeply, debate vigorously and figure out how to have an impact on the world, join us.

Luke VanderSchaaff

Robert (Luke) VanderSchaaff ’22, winner of the Willhoite Prize in political science with Dr. Bruce Nesmith

Jenna Meehan

Jenna Meehan ’22, winner of the Schappert Prize with Dr. Bruce Nesmith.