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Course Requirements

The following represents only one of many paths students can take to complete the major in social and criminal justice. 

Social & Criminal Justice Core (Required)

  • SCJ-101 Introduction to Social and Criminal Justice
  • SCJ-201 Law Enforcement and Corrections
  • SOC-235 Methods of Sociological Research
  • PHL-285 Law, Morality, and Punishment
  • SCJ-350 Human Rights and Comparative Justice Systems
  • SOC-351 Criminology
  • SCJ-490 Social & Criminal Justice Colloquium

Statistical Analysis (Choose 1)

  • STA-100 Statistical Foundations and STA-110 Inferential Statistics 
  • STA-100 Statistical Foundations and STA-130 Experimental Design
  • BUS-190 Statistical Analysis
  • PSY-300 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis

Capstone Project (Choose 1)

  • SCJ-444 Independent Study in Social & Criminal Justice
  • SCJ-494 Internship in Social & Criminal Justice
  • WSH-464 Washington Term Internship Seminar

Social & Criminal Justice Major Electives (Choose 3)

  • ACC-313 Fraud Examination
  • ARH-107 Gender and Art
  • COM-237 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM-361 Communication and Social Change
  • COM-362 U.S. Public Address
  • ECO-115 Introduction to Political Economy
  • EDU-187 Human Relations
  • ENG-116 Human Rights and Literature
  • ENG-146 Introduction to Postcolonial Literature
  • GS-107 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • HIS-145 History of the U.S. to 1865
  • HIS-155 History of the U.S. since 1865
  • HIS-247 African American History
  • HIS-257 Native American History
  • HIS-297 Women in America
  • HIS-325 Recent American History I
  • IS-126 Human Rights and Burmese Immigrants in Thailand
  • PHL-128 Morality and Moral Controversies
  • PHL-205 Environmental Ethics
  • PHL-265 Political Philosophy
  • PHL-270 Ethical Theory
  • PHL-277 Philosophy of Gender and Race
  • POL-305 Terrorism
  • POL-350 U.S. Social Policy Process
  • POL-375 The Constitution and Individual Liberties
  • PSY-235 Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-245 Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-255 Social Psychology
  • PSY-315 Learning and Behavior
  • PSY-350 Drugs and Behavior
  • PSY-415 Counseling Psychology
  • REL-217 Religion in America
  • SCJ-190 Topics in Social and Criminal Justice
  • SCJ-220 Juvenile Delinquency and the Justice System
  • SCJ-301 Criminal Law and the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments
  • SCJ-390 Advanced Topics in Social and Criminal Justice
  • SOC-207 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC-247 Sociology of Race
  • SOC-328 Urban Sociology 
  • SOC-338 Political Sociology
  • SOC-355 Deviant Behavior
  • SOC-425 Social Change