Cedar Rapids at sunrise

Volunteer Opportunities

Coe students volunteer at a variety of locations throughout the Cedar Rapids area in a number of ways. There are a host of benefits related to volunteering including:

  • Connecting with others who share your interests and values
  • Learning new skills 
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • Meeting new people and growing your network
  • Possible internship opportunities


There are a host of resources available that can help you identify possible volunteer opportunities.  In addition to reviewing volunteer pages found on a nonprofit organization’s website, the links below may also be helpful. A list of some community partners can also be found here.

Tips for a successful experience

As with any engagement activity, a bit of preparation is helpful when considering volunteering. The items below may be useful items as you work through the process.

  • Consider what you are looking to gain from the experience. Whether for enjoyment or something else, working with an organization that shares your values and interests is a great way to begin the process.
  • Most, if not all, community partners have a web page dedicated to volunteering with that organization. Taking the time to review what the application process may entail, if training is required, or what skills may be needed is an important step.
  • Before volunteering, please consider how often you’d like to volunteer and what may be realistic.  A few hours a week or once every other weekend may be right for you but be honest with yourself and the organization in terms of what commitment you’re willing to make.

Share your volunteer experience

We ask students and staff to kindly self-report your volunteer engagement hours. Please complete this brief and informal survey to help us capture the efforts of the Coe community.

Submit a Volunteer Opportunity

Our office works to make a positive impact in the community by helping connect you with our students and/or other resources. If you are a nonprofit organization interested in sharing either individual or group volunteer opportunities, discussing service projects, or need assistance with research, please feel free to connect with us at communityengagement@coe.edu. Please include any details that may be helpful for us to share including how interested individuals should sign up or register.