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Communication Studies

Lauren Winchester

Work Hard and Celebrate

"The communication studies faculty taught me about how to present myself and information, how to weigh sides of an issue and how to ask useful questions. Beyond that, the students and professors in the department taught me how to set goals and work hard and also how to celebrate from time to time."

-    Lauren Winchester ’18

Lauren graduated with majors in communication studies and German and received a Fulbright award to teach English in Germany. 

Why Communication Studies at Coe?

Communication has been studied, debated, dissected and held up as a reflection of our culture. As thinking beings we are always trying to figure out how to be better, smarter or more persuasive communicators. As a communication studies major, you will practice and develop skills prized in a variety of careers. You will graduate prepared to be a leader and ready to tackle a diverse array of creative challenges.

We know communication has cultural and social significance. By joining us at Coe, you will learn to tell your stories. You will shape the story, make the story and be the story.

A Smart Choice

  1. We provide students the opportunity to work with the kinds of digital media tools used to make, share and critique content.
  2. Our major combines depth and breadth. You will take classes in media studies, production, relational communication and public discourse and have the opportunity to take multiple classes in your area of interest.
  3. Classes in our department are kept small, creating space for you to debate and discuss ideas in engaging seminars and enabling you to receive substantial feedback from our talented faculty.
  4. You will have numerous opportunities for out-of-class experiences in service learning, community engagement projects, professional internships and off-campus studies.
  5. Department faculty are connected to the field and the community and are able to help you pursue your scholarly and professional interests.


Claudia Chiappa

Connect with Professors

Claudia Chiappa ’20

“My favorite thing about Coe’s Communication Studies Department is the small class sizes. Most of the courses have less than 20 people in them, and this not only helps students get to know their professors better, but it also builds a welcoming environment where students are more prone to engage during class discussions and feel comfortable sharing their points of view.”

Claudia came to Coe from Italy and says she is gaining the necessary skills to become a journalist. In addition to improving her oral and written communication, Claudia has grown as a public speaker, learning to become a more persuasive communicator. Coe also helped her build a strong resume and cover letter to land an editorial and communications internship at New America in Washington, D.C.