Welcome to Coe College C3: Creativity, Careers & Community, housed with Alumni Services, the Development team, the President’s Office and the Provost Office in McCabe Hall.

Our placement in this building and with these other departments is not by accident. Coe alumni are passionate about Coe and they are eager to connect with students to help them. We work closely with our Alumni Services so that OUR connections become YOUR STUDENT'S connections.

Coe College offers the best of both worlds: a small liberal arts college situated in a large metropolitan city. Cedar Rapids, and the 40 mile radius surrounding, is also home to approximately 4,000 Coe alumni who are all very eager to help and interact with students.

C3 does everything that a typical Career Center would do – and then some.

  • We work with students individually to help them on their personal journey – resume building, cover letter writing, preparing for interviews, finding summer jobs, finding internships and moving to the next step beyond Coe to full-time careers or graduate school.
  • We will meet the student wherever he/she is. Their first year will likely be exploring and trying to figure out his/her major or best path. We work closely with our Learning Commons staff to help students not only choose a major, but then determine the multitude of possibilities for that major.
  • Our passion is connecting Coe students. Our programming includes:
    • Coe Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP).
    • Career fairs for the entire student population to connect with local employers.
    • Healthcare career fair, with collaboration between the Nursing, Psychology and Biology departments.
    • Networking Tailgate, offering students a chance to meet professionals and make connections.
    • Collaboration with NewBoCo to engage and provide entrepreneurial opportunities.
    • Job shadowing and informational interviewing opportunities.

The staff at C3 help students see the value of their Coe experiences and articulate the skills they gain from their experiences both in and out of the classroom while gaining their liberal arts degree.

Do Coe students find employment after graduation?  YES!  See our First Destination Report to find out more.

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