Coe nursing students

Course Requirements / Four-Year Plan

This is a sample four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing course list.

First Year

Fall Term Spring Term
FYS Course (Writing Emphasis) CHM-111 - Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry (lab included) (1cc)
BIO-100 Human Biology (1cc) SOC-107 - Introductory Sociology (1cc) May be taken first or second year
PSY-100 - Introductory Psychology (1cc) BIO-195 - Introduction to Microbiology (lab included) (1cc)
(Must have nursing faculty approval to take freshman year) OR elective
NUR-100 - Nursing Issues I (.2cc) NUR-100 - Nursing Issues I (.2cc)
^CHM-103 - Selected Concepts in Chemistry (1cc) OR an elective of choice Elective

^CHM-035 Selected Concepts in Chemistry should be taken prior to CHM-145 if a student has no previous chemistry course.

Sophomore Year

Fall Term Spring Term
BIO-215 - Human Anatomy a(1cc) AND BIO-215L - Human Anatomy Lab (.2cc) BIO-225 - Human Physiology (1cc)
STA-100 - Statistical Reasoning I (.5cc) AND STA-110 - Statistical Reasoning II (.5cc) BIO-195 - Introduction to Microbiology (lab included) (1cc) OR Elective
NUR-200 - Nursing Issues II (.2cc) NUR-200 - Nursing Issues II (.2cc)
Elective Elective
Elective Elective

NOTE: A minimum of one elective course must be a writing emphasis course.

Junior Year

Fall Term Spring Term
NUR-315 - Pathophysiology and Assessment AND NUR-315L/C - Patho Clinical Application (2 cc total) NUR-355 - Introductory Concepts in Nursing* AND NUR-355L/C - Intro Clinical Application (2 cc total)
NUR-300 - Art and Science of Nursing* (1cc) NUR-345 - Mental Health Nursing (1cc)
NUR-305 - Information Literacy & Management* (.5cc) AND NUR-360 - Pharmacological Principles (.5cc) NUR-375 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Nursing* (1cc)

Senior Year

Fall Term Spring Term
NUR-415 - Advanced Concepts in Nursing AND NUR-415L/C - Adv. Clinical Application (2cc total) NUR-455 - Leadership & Contemporary Issues in Nursing* AND NUR-455C - Leadership Clinical Application (2cc total)
NUR-430 - Community and Population Oriented Nursing* (1cc) NUR-495 - Maternal Newborn Nursing (1cc)
NUR-425 - Nursing Research* (1cc) NUR-431 - Maintaining Wellness in Aging and Chronicity (1cc)

32.8 Course Credits for graduation

* - Writing Emphasis Course