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Environmental Studies

Professor David Hayes and students at Patagonia’s corporate headquarters

Benefit from the Opportunities

The environmental studies major at Coe is a collateral, interdisciplinary program which requires students to study environmental issues using techniques and perspectives derived from a variety of academic disciplines.

Why Environmental Studies at Coe?

By pairing broad interdisciplinary study of the environment with in-depth studies in another major, students are well-prepared for careers in a variety of areas.

Coe’s program combines courses from science (with a particular emphasis on biology and chemistry); policy (economics, law and politics); and the humanities (ethics, rhetoric and history).

In addition to a diverse selection of on-campus courses, students will also benefit from the many off-campus learning opportunities Coe offers, including the Wilderness Field Station, May term classes and internships/research programs. Graduates completing the major will be well prepared for graduate studies in related fields including master’s degree work in environmental policy or public policy, or securing a job in environmental policy. 

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