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Citation Styles

Academic Writing

  • Types of Academic Writing
    • Learn about the purpose and expectations of a variety of common college writing assignments: lab reports, mathematical papers, library research papers, personal statement essays and opinion papers.
  • Breaking Down Assignments
    • Break down a writing project into manageable steps. A general guide to completing any college-level written assignment, followed by more specific guides for completing lab reports, research essays, reflections, journal reviews and case study reports. Created by the University of Waterloo Writing and Communication Centre in Ontario, Canada.
  • Assignment Planner
    • Make a day-by-day plan to finish a writing project with this online assignment calculator. Specific advice for these projects: annotated bibliography, business report, exam, infographic, lab report, literature review, presentation, reflection paper, research essay, video project. Writing Center consultants are happy to work with you on any of the steps generated by this planner. Created by Seneca College Libraries and Learning Centres in Ontario, Canada.

Grammar and Proofreading

  • Grammar Videos
    • Watch 2-minute videos describing some important sentence-level constructions: active vs. passive voice, thesis statements, semicolon usage, formal vs. casual language, comma usage.
  • Editing and Proofreading Tips
    • Tips and strategies for editing and proofreading your own writing. Created by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center.

Job Search Writing

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."
— Mark Twain