A photo of the lake at the wilderness field station

Wilderness Field Station Application

Coe College operates the Wilderness Field Station, a truly unique Wilderness "classroom" in far northern Minnesota.

We accept currently-enrolled college students (of any undergraduate institution) of any age, sex, race, gender orientation, sexual orientation, nationality, disability status, ethnicity, or veteran status. Upon completion the student will receive one course credit per course (or four semester hour credits), which count toward distribution requirements, majors and graduation at Coe. Such credit may be transferred to your home institution, based on their rules for credit transfer.

Students at any college are eligible to apply.

Maximum class size is eight so enroll early!

Application Materials and Procedures

To apply:

  1. Fill out the online application below
  2. Have your academic advisor complete their form online
  3. Get an unofficial transcript from your Registrar and submit it, with your name and school, to our email (preferred: fieldstation@coe.edu) or snail mail (see below).
  4. Once we have these forms we will reach out to your Dean of Student or Off-campus Studies office to check your academic standing and an affirmation that you will do well in an off-campus program in a strenuous environment. By submitting an application you authorize us to contact such a person at your institution.

APPLY HERE: Application to the Wilderness Field Station program

Additional Required Forms

Link to Advisor Recommendation Form


Coe College
Wilderness Field Station
1220 1st Avenue N.E.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402

College Credit

Credit is received through Coe College and must be transferred to your home school if other than Coe. Check with your registrar for more details. Classes transfer as four semester hour credits. Most schools require you to request a transcript from the Coe College registrar after completion and submit it to their registrar. To order an official transcript from Coe, after your course is complete, go here. If your institution will accept an unofficial transcript, one can be downloaded from my.coe.edu.

Costs per session

  • $4,444 (Covers tuition, housing and food)
  • Transportation to and from the station are the responsibility of the student. (Further info will be forwarded after acceptance).
  • R.V. Drexler scholarships are available to Coe College students
  • William J. Muir scholarships are available to Carleton College students. Scholarships are administered by the Carleton Biology Dept. Contact Chair Dan Hernandez.
  • Grinnell Students should talk to Biology Professor Vince Eckhardt about funding opportunities for the Wilderness Field Station
  • Beloit students should consider applying for a Common Grant, due directly after spring break.


Three weeks after acceptance into the program, a $350 non-refundable deposit will be due. This deposit guarantees a place in the course and is applied directly to the total cost. The deposit, if not used one summer, can be applied to tuition and deposit for a following summer.