Course Requirements

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes — the basis for both a field of scientific knowledge and professional application.

Both required and elective courses in psychology are grounded in the scientific approach. As an important tool for the understanding of both theory and data, the study of basic statistical and methodological concepts is included among courses required of all psychology majors.

While we offer a single psychology major, there are many sub-areas within psychology to which you can tailor your coursework to support your interests and career plans. A psychology major requires a minimum of 12 courses (six required, six which allow you to select among choices.) However, many of our majors elect to take more than the minimum number and/or to combine the psychology major with other concentrations.

Psychology Major

  1. PSY-100 Introductory Psychology
  2. PSY-200 Research Methods
  3. PSY-215 Topics in Diversity and Inclusion (half term course) 
  4. PSY-295 Applied Contemporary Psychology
  5. PSY-300 Statistical Methods and Data Analysis
  6. PSY-464 Seminar in Psychology 
  7. One of the following Content Area A courses:
    PSY-205 Developmental Psychology
    PSY-235 Abnormal Psychology
  8. One of the following Content Area B courses:
    PSY-245 Organizational Psychology
    PSY-255 Social Psychology
  9. One of the following Content Area C courses:
    PSY-250 Introduction to Biopsychology
    PSY-260 Cognitive Psychology
  10. One of the following Experiential courses:
    PSY-455 Advanced Experimental Psychology
    PSY-494 Internship in Psychology
  11. One of the following Laboratory courses: 
    PSY-325/ -325L Health Psychology and Laboratory
    PSY-335/ -335L Sensation and Perception and Laboratory
    PSY-355/ -355L Personality and Laboratory
  12. One additional Upper-Level course, selected from the following: 
    PSY-315 Learning and Behavior
    PSY-350 Drugs and Behavior
    PSY-415 Counseling Psychology
    PSY-450 Behavioral Neuroscience
    PSY-465 Industrial Psychology