Physics professor working with a student

Playground of Science

The 19th Annual Coe Playground of Science

October 27, 2022

Kids! Bring your parents to the “Coe Playground of Science” night at Coe College in Cedar Rapids!  The Coe College Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Math, Computer Science, and ROTC Clubs will lead the fun in Peterson Hall on October 27, 2022, from 6:00 – 9:00 P.M. in the evening.  There will be interactive demos that teach kids of all ages about the natural world around them.  We’ll levitate things, launch pumpkins on our trebuchet, do the “mentos and diet pepsi demo,” make dragon's breath flames, play with numbers, be amazed by strong magnets, make snow, see models of eyes and hearts, learn about the human body, see how chemistry allows us to create useful substances, make ice cream with liquid air, see molten glass poured at almost 2000 degrees F, and much more. Come have fun and learn about our natural world, all ages are welcome.

Playground of Science is an annual event at Coe designed to teach kids of all ages about the sciences.

The 18th Annual Free Coe Playground of Science

2020 Virtual Edition