Coe nursing students

Successful Alumni

Coe’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree greatly enhances a registered nurse's career mobility.

These are a few of the positions held by our graduates:

  • Research Assistant, College of Medicine at the UIHC
  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners in Gerontology and Family Health, graduates from UI CON
  • School Health Nurse, Cedar Rapids and Mount Vernon Schools
  • Head Nurse, Surgical Telemetry and Intensive/ Coronary Care Units at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids
  • Nurse Researcher at the National Institute of Health in Genetic Engineering Department
  • Genetics Nursing Specialist, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
  • Commissioned Officer, U.S. Army and Air Force
  • Student, M.A. program in nursing, University of Iowa
  • Faculty member, A.D., Diploma and B.S.N. programs of nursing
  • Staff Nurse, general and specialty hospital units across the nation
  • Sales positions for pharmaceutical and medical supply companies
  • Student, Nurse Anesthetist Program, Mayo Clinic
  • Student, College of Law, University of Iowa
  • Trauma Nurse, Mercy Medical Center

Recent Alums

Kelsey Lorenzen

Kelsey Lorenzen graduated from Coe in 2015 and received the outstanding senior nursing student award for her excellence in scholarship and leadership. She works as an RN at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics on the Surgical and Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (SNICU). While attending Coe she was accepted for one of the University of Iowa Hospital's Summer 10 Program (2014).

Janessa Montgomery

Janessa Montgomery graduated from Coe in 2015. She traveled to Swaziland in South Africa through one of Coe's May Term courses pertaining to global healthcare issues and patient care. She started the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Iowa, fall semester 2015. She will continue to work part time as an RN in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. Luke's Hospital in Cedar Rapids.

Veronica Saucedo Biagas

Veronica Saucedo-Biagas graduated from Coe in 2015. She completed a Coe College International Health Internship in Swaziland and said it was "a life-changing experience" getting to work alongside nurses in a rural hospital and home based care. She now works as an RN at Cleveland Children's Hospital on a NICU transitional care unit.

Justin Nylin

Justin Nylin graduated from Coe College in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. He currently works as a registered nurse on the Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Medical Center and is featured on the 2019 100 Great Iowa Nurses list. In April 2014, Justin received his Critical Care Nurse Certification (CCRN) through the Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). 

"Having the opportunity to graduate from Coe's nursing program has helped put me where I am today. The personalized attention I got through the program made me more confident when starting my role as a nurse. I am confident in taking care of my critical patients because of the great experience I gained during clinical. The professors not only got to know me on an academic level, but on a personal level as well. By serving as the Student Nursing Association President during my time at Coe, it gave me the leadership skills that I still use in the workplace today. Overall Coe's nursing program gave me a great education that put me steps ahead when starting my professional career." — Justin Nylin '13

Kelly Strohm

Kelly Galbraith graduated in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. After graduation, Kelly spent the fall in Mendoza, Argentina, volunteering as a nurse in a public hospital. She returned to Colorado in November 2013 and got a position at Children's Hospital Colorado in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in March 2014.

"Various experiences at Coe have led me to become a successful and confident nurse, particularly the valuable clinical experiences the nursing program was able to provide me. Being encouraged to pursue a Spanish degree and to travel while at Coe also broadened my horizons and are of help to me daily with the variety of cultures and languages I see at work." — Kelly Galbraith '13

Amanda Hanson

Amanda Yeast graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Following graduation, Amanda was hired at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics on an Intermediate Cardiothoracic Medical/Surgical unit. She has acted as a preceptor and charge nurse and is part of a patient education committee.

"I chose Coe over other colleges because of the emphasis the college puts on quality education and the overall student experience. The nursing program at Coe is led by professors with a wealth of experience and knowledge that assist students to learn through their stories, discussions and challenges. Our professors also know the importance of clinical experience. At Coe, we are one-on-one with multiple expert nurses from surrounding facilities during our clinical time. This has given other Coe students and me the ability to individually fulfill the duties of a nurse and learn to prioritize on our own instead of a group setting. Coe also wants its students to not only gain knowledge, but to gain life skills and develop relationships. The close-knit community of Coe and the caring faculty and staff are a magnet for success after college. My experiences at Coe have helped me not only develop my nursing skills, but also to communicate and develop relationships with my patients and families I care for each day." — Amanda Yeast '12