Students shoot a film on the Coe campus

Course Requirements

Four-Year Plan

A typical four-year plan for a student majoring in film studies looks something like this. The film studies major is an interdisciplinary major that allows students to focus on the particular aspect of film studies that interests them most — for example, film writing, cinema studies or digital production. For more details, refer to the college catalog. For more details, refer to the college catalog.

First Year

  • FLM 105 Introduction to Film
  • ART 150 Time Based Media

Second Year

  • FLM 200 Film Analysis
  • FLM 225 Film History
  • Elective

Third Year

  • 3 Electives

Fourth Year

  • Elective
  • FLM 464, 474 Senior Seminar in Film

Electives may be chosen from a list including courses in art, film studies, creative writing, music and theatre arts. Film studies majors work with an advisor to choose the path through the major that best matches their goals; this includes electives and practicum experiences like internships and independent studies.