Students shoot a film on the Coe campus

Course Requirements

Four-Year Plan

A typical four-year plan for a student majoring in film studies looks something like this. The film studies major is an interdisciplinary major that allows a student to focus on the particular aspect of film studies that interests her or him most — for example, film writing, cinema studies or digital production. For more details, refer to the college catalog.

First Year

  • FLM 105 Introduction to Film
  • ART 170 Movement 

Second Year

  • FLM 300 Film Analysis
  • FLM 325 Film History
  • Elective

Third Year

  • 3 Electives

Fourth Year

  • Elective
  • FLM 815 Independent Project in Film

Electives may be chosen from a list including courses in art, film studies, creative writing, music and theatre arts.