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Course Requirements - Spanish

"The Spanish Department at Coe is always so engaging. Students are able to study the grammar and usage of the language while simultaneously learning more about culture, history and current world issues in a variety of ways. There are opportunities to get involved throughout the year by attending presentations by speakers from Spanish-speaking countries as well as taking a May Term! My overall experience with this department has been a lot of fun and I cannot wait to continue my studies and application of the language."  --Erica Ernzen '20

The Spanish Program at Coe: More than just Language Classes!

Spanish has never been a foreign language in the United States and today there are more than fifty million Spanish speakers in the U.S. — more than in Spain or Colombia! Spanish is increasingly popular among our students due to its importance in life in the U.S. and in the increasingly globalized world. Students in our program develop their language skills, gain a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and become better global citizens. In the last five years, we have maintained a high number of students enrolled in our classes, and this number will grow stronger as the diversity of the college increases. From beginning language classes to upper-level seminars, students in the Spanish program learn about the identities and cultural traditions of the many countries (including the U.S.) that share the Spanish language.

¡Bienvenid@ al programa de español!

The Spanish program offers more than just classes in language, culture and literature. It provides a home for students from diverse backgrounds and for students who want to expand their cultural horizons. We welcome a rich array of speakers to campus, from poets and novelists to scholars and translators. Through the years, the program’s May Term in Alicante has inspired scores of students with on-site language learning and cultural experiences, and our students have also participated in semester-length study abroad programs in Spain, Argentina and Costa Rica. Study abroad is a natural extension of language learning and these experiences are often the things that students remember most about the college experience. Finally, Coe Spanish students are committed to service in the community, working locally with English-language-learning pupils in the Kids On Course summer program and completing prestigious Fulbright fellowships in Spanish-speaking countries after graduation.

Through their work in the classroom and their real-world experience in the Cedar Rapids area and abroad, our students are language learners and community ambassadors who demonstrate that Coe is a college that cares. In these and other ways, our Spanish program functions not only as a program for language learning but as a vibrant intellectual presence and an anchor for the cultural life of the college.

Come and check out the resources we offer to help students thrive in their use of Spanish as a second/heritage language and to aid them in becoming global citizens capable of productive and ethical interactions regarding the issues affecting the societies of the Hispanic world.

Four-Year Plan - Spanish

The following represents one of many paths students can take to complete a major in Spanish. Depending on the amount of Spanish you have taken before beginning at Coe, you may begin at different levels. A grade of “C” or higher must be received in all courses counted toward the Spanish major.

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options.

First Year

  • SPA-225 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPA-315 Spanish Composition and Conversation

Second Year

  • SPA-325 Spanish Language and Literature
  • SPA-336 Hispanic Life and Culture: Latin America

Third Year

  • Study abroad highly recommended (up to 3 credits toward the major)
  • SPA-339 Spanish for Health Care

Fourth Year

  • SPA-345 Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPA-349 Business Spanish