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Course Requirements

Four-Year Plan

A typical four-year plan for a student majoring in African American studies looks something like this. Keep in mind that most students take four courses per term. There is considerable flexibility, which allows for additional majors and minors. For more details, refer to the college catalog.

First Year

  • AAM 107 Introduction to African American Studies
  • HIS 145 History of the United States to 1865

Second Year

  • HIS 347 African American History
  • AAM/ENG 137 African American Literature

Third Year

  • AAM 367 Studies in African American Literature
  • SOC 247 Sociology of Race
  • AAM 217 Sport and Black Culture

Fourth Year

  • AAM 287 Topics in African American Studies
  • COM 236 Intercultural Communication
  • AAM 444 Independent Study