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Course Requirements

International Studies Curriculum

All international studies students take a common core of courses, and then choose electives based on the track that is of most interest to them.

  1. IS-1X6 Introduction to International Studies
  2. ANT-116 Cultural Anthropology
  3. POL-258 World Politics
  4. ECO-205 Macroeconomics
  5. Two foreign language courses, intermediate or advanced, in the same language
  6. A term-long study abroad experience, subject to prior approval by the International Studies program committee.
  7. IS-8XX International Studies Colloquium

International Studies majors select one of the following tracks: The Global South, International Relations, or Global Cultural Studies. (Students who plan to pursue a graduate program that requires a strong foundation in economics should consider the International Economics major offered by the Business and Economics Department.)

International Studies Major — The Global South track

The Global South examines the characteristics of regions in what has come to be called the “Global South,” especially Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  It investigates how the evolution of these regions relates to social, political and economic systems.  Students are introduced to a variety of disciplinary and theoretical approaches to the study of international development; graduates better understand the history and legacy of colonialism, the conditions that create or resolve poverty, and relations between the Global South and North.

International Studies Major — International Relations track

International Relations combines theoretical approaches to and empirical knowledge of state and non-state actors, power, and international structures.

International Studies Major — Global Cultural Studies track

Global Cultural Studies emphasizes the complex and interconnected issues regarding various countries.

Four-Year Plan

The following represents one of many paths students can take to complete a major in International Studies. Depending on which track (The Global South, International Relations, Global Cultural Studies) you choose, your electives will be different.

Note that students typically take four courses per semester for a total of eight each year. Check the Coe catalog to review all of your options.

1st Year

  • IS-116 Introduction to International Studies
  • ANT-116 Cultural Anthropology
  • SPA-215/ -225 Intermediate Spanish Language I and II 

2nd Year 

  • POL-258 World Politics
  • ECO-205 Macroeconomics

3rd Year

  • One semester of study abroad
  • Two International Studies Electives

4th Year

  • IS-800 International Studies Colloquium
  • Three International Studies Electives