Professor writing on a glass wall

Successful Alumni

  • William Shirer: distinguished journalist and author of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.
  • Paul Engle: Rhodes Scholar and founder of the Iowa Writer's Workshop.
  • Shelby Steele: author of The Content of Our Character, one of the most influential books on race relations published in the past decade.
  • Dora Jane Hamblin: long-time contributor to Life magazine and author of Time-Life books.
  • John Logan: poet, short-story writer, and essayist (A Ballet for the Ear).
  • Ted Miller: editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine and author of books on financial management.
  • Edward Gorman: a prominent writer, editor, and reviewer in the field of detective fiction.
  • Lori Sturdevant: newspaper editor for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
  • Barbara J. Scot: author of The Violet Shyness of their Eyes and Prairie Reunion (a New York Times Book of the Year)