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Test Proctoring

The TRIO Academic Achievement Program provides test proctoring for ALL Coe students.

Test proctoring priority is for students who have an approved need for test proctoring such as academic accommodations, make up exams and excused absences (sports, fine arts, etc.).

With everyone’s safety in mind, we have made the decision to go strictly online with our test scheduling. Students will no longer have to come to the Testing Center to fill out the form to take to the instructor. We have brought the form right to your fingertips!

Please submit your request at least 3 business days in advance of the day you are requesting to take your exam.

1. Go to my.coe.edu and click on the STUDENT tab.
2. Scroll down to the Academic Support section where you will see step by step instructions on how to schedule your exam under: Test Proctoring—To schedule an exam in the testing center
3. Send the completed form as an attachment to: testingcenter@coe.edu
4. The Testing Center will send you a confirmation and notify the Faculty member of your request.

How to take an exam in the testing center:
1. On the assigned date and time, come to the Testing Center in the Lower Level of Stewart Memorial Library to take the exam.  
2. Bring two #2 pencils, an eraser and any markers and materials allowed by the professor.
3. Please remember to wear a mask and to keep at least six feet apart. Hand sanitizer will be available.

1. Instructors will receive an email from testingcenter@coe.edu containing a Google Form. Just above the title of the form will inform them that they have a student who has signed up to take a test in the testing center along with the student name, class name and date/time of test.
2. The instructor will fill out the Google form to give us details about expectations for the test. (These details are similar to the details on the right side of the former testing form). 
3. Complete Google Form and submit.
4. Please send the exam and any supplemental materials to: testingcenter@coe.edu at least 24 hours in advance of the exam. We will print it and give it to the student when they arrive. After they have completed it, we will scan it and share the completed test with you. Please let us know when you receive it so we can shred the original.

Questions or comments: you may contact us at ext 8547 or email: testingcenter@coe.edu