Learning Commons Micro-Grants are small, one-time grants available to current Coe students, faculty and staff members to support projects that will enhance teaching and learning at Coe.


To support innovative approaches to academic, active and experiential learning on and around campus and enable Coe students, faculty and staff to create opportunities that do not currently exist at Coe. For example, grants may fund bringing visitors to campus for interactive programs like workshops or consultations; food for events like panels or discussions; or supplies for out-of-class learning activities like a book group.

Funding Amounts:

Typically, grants of $50 to $200 will be awarded, although proposals of up to $500 will be considered. Co-sponsorship with other departments and organizations is encouraged. 

Review and Selection Process:

Proposals for funding up to $100 will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the Associate Dean for Student Academics and Learning Commons Program Coordinator. Proposals for funding over $100 will be reviewed by a committee of Learning Commons staff and students. To ensure timely processing, please submit your proposal at least three weeks before the funds are needed. 

Criteria for Consideration:

  • Potential to contribute to active learning and/or teaching experiences at Coe.
  • Potential to create an experience that doesn’t already exist at Coe.
  • Number of students, faculty or staff members involved in or benefiting from the activity, either directly or indirectly.
  • Lasting impact on teaching and learning at Coe.
  • Clarity of the proposal.
  • Previous Micro-Grant support may be taken into consideration with priority given to those who have not received a grant earlier in the round.

​ Conditions for Funding: ​

  • Grant recipients must present a brief written report upon completion of the grant activity. This report should describe the project and evaluate the extent to which the anticipated outcomes were achieved.
  • Grant recipients may be asked to make a brief presentation at a Learning Commons reception.
  • The College retains the right to use the proposal and/or report as examples or for publicity purposes.
  • All expenses must be documented, with receipts submitted to the Learning Commons by the end of the specified activity period.
  • Any materials purchased using grant funds will remain the property of Coe College.