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Become a Writing Center Consultant

Interested in joining the Coe Writing Center as a consultant?

We're looking for people who:

  • love to learn, even if it takes some hard work
  • have had a variety of experience writing and revising
  • understand and appreciate the process of writing
  • enjoy finding out about others' ideas
  • seek to help others
  • are sensitive to the feelings of others
  • are able to work largely unsupervised

In addition, maybe you've had experiences as a tutor, publication editor or have taken AP or college-level courses in writing at Coe or elsewhere. Perhaps you are interested in teaching. Maybe you've considered a career in one-on-one counseling. Maybe you're bilingual.

If any of these qualities describes you, consider applying to be a Coe Writing Center Consultant. 

Are you a prospective Coe student?

Ask your admission counselor about an invitation to one of the Writing Center's Fellowship Invitationals, held in November, January or February of the year before you begin your studies at Coe. At this event, you'll meet the director and current consultants, hear more about the work we do and participate in writing and conversation activities that will allow us to get to know each other. We will offer Fellowships to participants we think will make good consultants.

Are you a first-year Coe student?

We hire rising sophomores every spring. If you have a work-study award, you can apply. Watch for an announcement via email. Our application portal is on Handshake. We'll contact qualified applicants to take part in our Spring Consultant Audition, where you'll participate in some writing and conversation activities. Offers will go out to candidates we'd like to hire by the end of the academic year.

What kind of training do consultants receive?

To provide specific background and practice in giving writing conferences, consultants take three semesters of Writing Center Theory and Practice, a 0.3 credit staff development course. Consultants complete the first two terms during their first year of working in the Writing Center. There are many other opportunities to continue to learn and develop as a consultant: from our new consultant orientation to annual staff retreats to regular staff meetings. We never stop learning!

For more information about becoming a Writing Center consultant, contact:

Coe College Admission

Phone: 877.CALL.COE or 319.399.8500
Website: http://www.coe.edu/admission/
Email: admissions@coe.edu

Jane Nesmith, Director of the Writing Center
Email: jnesmith@coe.edu

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- Gertrude Stein