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alumnus Elijah Phillips

A Head Start

Elijah Phillips ’16 works at Four Oaks, a nonprofit that helps children and families overcome obstacles. He also volunteers with the Coe Strength and Conditioning Program. Elijah got his start with both these programs by interning and volunteering as a student.

Why Sociology at Coe?

The sociology program, which also offers a minor in anthropology, offers an integrated series of courses designed to promote awareness and understanding 21st century social problems, including the enduring presence of social inequality. Thoughtful and responsible citizenship is fostered by guiding you to an understanding of the relationship between personal experiences and larger social forces. The Sociology Department encourages flexibility in course scheduling, with a variety of paths available to successful completion of the major. You will receive careful advising from the faculty in order to ensure course selection, off-campus study, internships and independent study projects meet your needs and interests. A degree in sociology gives a strong background for a variety of careers after graduation.

Preparing for Success

As a sociology major at Coe, you’ll do more than just attend classes. We have the benefit of being located in a vibrant urban area that serves as a type of active classroom for issues relevant to the contemporary social world. You will receive a well-rounded education and solid preparation for your life after college. At Coe you can:

  • Gain valuable experience on a semester-long internship with a Cedar Rapids service organization.
  • Collaborate with faculty. Members of the department are engaged in a variety of interesting research studies and community projects.
  • Create a senior honors project with a Coe professor, conducting a research study of your own design.
  • Develop a project program of your own — we have a framework that makes it possible to pursue your own interests.
2018 aluma Courtney Moore

Student-Faculty Relationships

Courtney Moore ’18

“Assistant Professor of Sociology Katie Rodgers notices her students’ strengths and weaknesses and is an amazing encourager. She is a professor I will definitely keep in touch with.”

Courtney says Professor Rodgers went above and beyond her sophomore year to offer support and answer questions about opportunities for sociology majors.