Students talking to a faculty member

Beyond the Classroom

To improve language skills you must use language not only in the classroom but also in your everyday life. Coe offers opportunities for students to use their language skills in authentic contexts.

Friends of International Students–Cedar Rapids (FIS-CR)

FIS–CR is a host family program that pairs international students a local family during their time at Coe. At the beginning of the fall term, interested students may fill out an application to participate, and they will be paired with a host family during the annual match picnic in September. Once paired, host families and students plan activities and meeting times according to their preferences and schedules.

Conversation Partner Program

The Conversation Partner program pairs language learners with fluent speakers. We not only pair English language learners with native English speakers, but also pair learners of other languages with native speakers. Coe has exchange programs with universities all over the world, so if you are a Spanish major and want to partner with a native Spanish speaker, we can help you make this connection. Once paired, partners plan activities and meeting times according to their preferences and schedules.

International Club

International Club (I-Club) provides a community for both international and domestic students to forge friendships; discuss campus, community, and global issues; and plan activities and events. Each fall I-Club organizes a trip to Chicago during fall break and the cultural show, a showcase of student performances that celebrates diversity at Coe. And each spring I-Club organizes the international banquet, a buffet of international food cooked by students and enjoyed by all.