Meet the Faculty

Elaine Rydze

Elaine Rydze

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Chair

B.A., Michigan State University
M.A., University of Iowa

Email: erydze@coe.edu

Elaine’s teaching specialties are adapted physical education, history of sport in the United States, mastery teaching, theory of coaching track and field, activity courses and supervision of student teachers.

Larry Atwater

Larry Atwater

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

B.A., Coe College
M.A., Truman State University

Email: latwater@coe.edu

Larry teaches administration of physical education/athletics, measurement and evaluation in human performance, theory of coaching football, mastery teaching and numerous activity courses. Larry serves as assistant football coach in addition to his academic duties.

Part-time Faculty

Darcy LeFevre
Bryan Martin
Paxton Molinari
Kelli Rice
Justin Roberts
DeAnn Woodin