Photography students working in a darkroom

Successful Alumni

  • Emily Cameron '12 graduated from Coe with an interdisciplinary major in film. She works in the film industry in New York City.
  • Christian Parent ‘09 completed his MFA and MBA at Chapman University. He is executive assistant to Tucker Tooley at Tooley Productions in Los Angeles.
  • Becky Hession '04 is an animator with DMA Animation in New York City.
  • Camille Leganza '98, who graduated from Coe as an English major, works for Pixar and has had important roles in several Pixar films including, most recently, “The Incredibles” and “Megamind.” (See below.)
  • Alan Weber '98 (interdisciplinary major in film) got into a MFA program and now is a professional filmmaker. He co-curates the Rural Route Film Festival, based in New York City. He also teaches film for Coe as part of the New York Term.
  • Jamie Pilgrim '96, who graduated from Coe with art and computer science majors, has worked on the film “The Matrix” and had a major role in the computer work on the “Lord of the Rings” films. (See below.)

Recent alumni listed in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB):