Stewart Memorial Library

Classrooms & Computer Labs

Library Classroom

Located on the first floor, the classroom is completely equipped as a "smart" classroom and will comfortably seat 20. Additionally, the desks can easily be organized into various configurations.
Contact Cheri Pettibone (319.399.8023, to reserve.

Computer Lab

Located on the lower level, seats 22. Contact Cheri Pettibone (319.399.8023, to reserve.

Presentation Wall

Located on the lower level, open air classroom, 20 soft seats, technology available including 90" monitor. Contact Cheri Pettibone (319.399.8023, to reserve.

Media Technologies Theater

Contact Cheri Pettibone (319.399.8023, to reserve

  • Located in the lower level of the library, southeast end
  • 48 stationary stadium seats
  • Universal touch-button control panel
  • PC, laptop hookup, and VCR/DVD player
  • Data projector and lowerable screen

Media Technologies Preview & Virtual Reality Room

Contact Cheri Pettibone (319.399.8023, to reserve

  • Located in the Media Technologies Department on lower level of the library, 
  • 12 moveable chairs
  • 42" Plasma television screen
  • VCR/DVD player, VGA connection for laptop hookup, cablevision access
  • Virtual Reality computer and 3d screen