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Internships & Research

Beyond the Classroom

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A recent philosophy major spent January term in Thailand studying with a Buddhist monk, engaging in a comparative study of western philosophical thought and Buddhist thought.

Another philosophy major spent a year studying philosophy and politics at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which led to a senior honors project in contemporary political theory.

One philosophy major spent half of her junior year studying in Mongolia, which, at times, included living and working with reindeer herders. The second half of the year was spent in Coe's exchange program at a German University in Landau, Germany.

Off-Campus Opportunities

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Numerous exciting off-campus study programs are available to Coe students in such cities as London, Florence, Tokyo, New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. As part of these programs you can gain valuable academic and work experience. For example, you can spend a semester as an assistant in a professional organization, take classes at a large university or pursue an independent research project using the resources provided by that city. Talk with your faculty advisor and create the best off-campus experience to meet your educational needs and interests.

In addition to these off-campus programs, Coe's internship program allows you to make work experience an integral part of your education. During these internships, you can put into practice the classroom concepts you have learned in preparation for a career. Working alongside professionals in actual work situations, you can gain valuable experience and earn academic credit at the same time.

Personalized Research and Study

The philosophy major provides ample opportunities for individual study with faculty. Majors often pursue one-on-one work with faculty through directed readings courses, writing a senior honors thesis or independent study courses. These experiences often lead to scholarship that students present at conferences or colloquia.