a writing center consultant helping a student with their paper

Who we are/What we do


Our staff is made up of nearly 60 student consultants from all majors and fields of study, selected through an intense competition process. All of them have strong writing, listening and conversational skills. Consultants successfully complete three terms of our staff development course known as Topics in Composition. In this class our consultants learn about writing center theory, and become familiar with best practices for one-on-one conferences. In addition, our staff meets weekly for professional development sessions throughout the school year.


Writing consultants help students at any stage in the writing process. We can focus on high order concerns such as thesis statements, the development of ideas and overall organization. We can work with partial or whole drafts, and provide guidance on specific topics like introductions and conclusions, integrating quotes into a paper and use of citations. We can help you identify and correct errors. We can work with you on writing projects from all disciplines and genres.

Our goal is to provide students with the skills to think and work independently on future writing projects. To accomplish this goal, consultants incorporate questions and dialogue into each session to actively engage students in the learning process.