Stewart Memorial Library

Digital Exhibits

Some digital exhibits are under construction. If a link you're interested in is dead, please contact the archives assistant Harlene Hansen ( for more information.

Etiquette - drawing of man and woman at table

Coe Etiquette Book (1941) - An etiquette book published by senior students in 1941 and provided to the student population.

Daniel Coe

Coe Founders Exhibit - A collection of founder’s photographs and documents illustrating the founding and early history of Coe College.

Ditty Book - drawing of man painting

1913 Ditty Book - a student publication of comics and poems depicting Coe College history, student life, and faculty by Don Chilcote and Lowell "Buddy" Burrows

Aerial - campus shot

Aerials of Coe College Campus - a collection of aerials spanning over 70 years from the 1930s to the 2000s. Descriptions are provided as the campus changes.

History - old Coe building

Coe College: The First Hundred Years - a web site directed by the Writing Center, containing information compiled by Coe students, faculty and alumni regarding the first one hundred years of Coe's history (last updated 2006).

Buildings - west quad

Coe College Buildings - A collection of photographs of buildings on Coe College's Campus.

Mascots - old kohawk

Class Mascots, the 1910 Acorn - the class mascots, cheers, and colors as depicted by the Junior class of 1910 in the Junior Annual 

Flunk Day - historical poster

Flunk Day Collection - a collection of 34 flunk day broadsides from its founding in 1911 to 1978. Housed at the State Library of Iowa in the Iowa Heritage Digital Collections.

Songs - students singing

Coe Songs - a collection of 3 Coe songs: "Hail Hail to Coe," "I want to go back to Coe Again," and an "Even Song," put to video clips from the 1939 Coe Film.

Films - men in line

Coe Films - A collection of Coe films including: 1939 film,"Coe: A Christian College for the Youth of Iowa," 1965 film for the Coe Challenge Campaign, and the 1972 film, "Coe a Special Place."