Science student with Professor Affatigato


Alexandria Hansen

A Strong Foundation

“Neuroscience, and the relationship between the brain and many physiological processes, is such an important topic in medicine today. Having a background in neuroscience will give me a more holistic perspective as I become a health care provider in the future. I will have a stronger understanding of the mind, allowing me to give better care to my future patients.”

— Alexandria Hansen ’18, biology and neuroscience major

Why Neuroscience at Coe?

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary field dedicated to understanding the brain and nervous system. Scientific work in this area is guided by biology, chemistry and psychology and includes contributions from other disciplines such as physics, computer science, mathematics and medicine. The neuroscience collateral major at Coe requires a major in biology, chemistry or psychology and provides a solid foundation for graduate study in neuroscience-related programs, medicine and health-related careers.

Courses in the neuroscience major provide an interdisciplinary approach to understanding how the nervous system regulates physiological, cognitive and behavioral processes in human and nonhuman animals. The neuroscience major is designed to instill curiosity about the complex processes at the molecular, cellular and organismal levels of organization. Research projects include limb regeneration, neurodegenerative disease, neuroinflammatory responses, consequences of prenatal drug exposure, addiction and effects of medical conditions on quality of life.

Emily Hill

Challenge yourself

Emily Hill ’19

“Adding the neuroscience collateral is an opportunity to challenge yourself while learning lots of applicable, relatable and relative information.”

Emily is preparing for a career in physical therapy with majors in biology and neuroscience. Understanding how the brain affects personality and cognitive processing will take her interaction with patients to the next level — not just treating their injuries, but truly understanding their issues as a whole to come up with a treatment plan that works for them.