2020 Virtual Student Research Symposium

Welcome to the 2020 Coe College Student Research Symposium. A celebration of our students’ research, creativity and resilience. Extending learning and teaching beyond the classroom through close interactions between students and faculty members, even from a distance, is one of the highlights of a Coe education, and we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to learn about and explore our students' work here.

Student Research Symposium Program 2022


Assessing Factors Related to College Student Resiliency
Haylee Cloutier (2021), Elizabeth Koshatka (2020) and Jaelynn Smith-Harmon (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Samantha Brown.

Vocational and Professional Development through the Psychology Curriculum
Carlyn Cole (2020) and Robert Stills (2021).  Faculty Sponsor, Samantha Brown.

Nurses Perceptions Regarding The Use of Technology and Virtual Reality for Pain Management
Cooper Dodd (2020), Janek Juarez (2020), Joslyn Reiche (2021) and Kenzie Scott (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Benjamin Tallman.

Perceptual-motor Recalibration in Naturalistic and Virtual Environments
Kei Yoshida (2020) and Luzan Jadkarim (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Benjamin Chihak.

Implementation of a Therapeutic Virtual Reality Intervention for Pain Management in an Acute Care Hospital Setting
Joslyn Reiche (2021), Janek Juarez (2020), Cooper Dodd (2020) and Kenzie Scott (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Benjamin Tallman.

Implementation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Pain Distraction Intervention in an Acute Care Hospital Setting
Kenzie Scott (2020), Kassie Bain (2020), Cooper Dodd (2020), Janek Juarez (2020) and Joslyn Reiche (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Benjamin Tallman.

Self-Compassion and Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Student's Resilience and Perceived Stress
Jordan Arneson (2020), Janek Juarez (2020), Xinyue Li (2020) and Nicholas Sohm (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Samantha Brown.

Nitrate in Iowa Watersheds
Olivia Calvin (2022) and Zach Morris (2022). Faculty Sponsor, Brittney Miller.

Eu3+ and TB3+ Doped Gadolinium Borotungstate Glasses For X-ray Detectors
Brigette Smith (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Ugur Akgun.


Manchester Study Abroad
Holly Lyman (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Jo Ann Miller.

My United Nations Externship
Laura Niday (2020). Faculty Sponsors, Paula O’Loughlin and Barb Tupper.

Study Abroad in South Korea
Jaquelyn Obeng (2020). Faculty Sponsor, John Chaimov.

Creating Durable Chalcogenide Glasses With Controlled Crystallization
Rebecca Welch (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Mario Affatigato.

Castellon de la Plana, Spain
Wanjiku Gatua (2020). Faculty Sponsor, John Chaimov.

Stuff vs. Control
Kyle Alvarado (2020) and Luke Smailes (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Ryan Baranowski.

A New Structural Model for Alkali Germanate Glasses
Rebecca Welch (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Steve Feller.


Antichrist in the Contemporary World in American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Emani Brinkman (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Meira Kensky.

Where is all the Kohawk spirit?

Aaron McDermott (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Alissa Boguslaw.

Monologue Reel

Carmen Chavez (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Emily Ganfield.

Autonomous Blind Robotic Mapping

Matthew Appler (2021). Faculty Sponsor, Stephen Hughes.

***** This student musical production contains explicit language. *****



Jazmyne “Jazzie” McNair (2021). Faculty Sponsor, William Carson.

"NYC ESCAPE" is an EP released by Jazzie, focusing on feelings of isolation and fear while spending the semester in a hostel off Broadway. While spending time in New York, I connected with my family and learned about my mother's upbringing. Much of my time outside of absorbing the arts scene was spent in Queens with my grandmother, the energy of which is captured in “GQUATER”. There was a feeling of suspicion and fear in the city, as the spread of COVID-19 rose and eventually cut the trip short. Through sampling and documenting different experiences, the album reflects a search for my family, for truth and positivity despite the obstacles.

NYC ESCAPE Track List (Audio Files)
1. Hustle
2. iridium
3. Headwraps and Bonnets

Political Ideology, Law Enforcement Perceptions, and Online News Sources Among a Collegiate Population

Josiah Oleson (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Lisa Barnett.

Blue Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale) Breeding Habits and Water Quality at Behrens Ponds

Hadley Copeland (2020). Faculty Sponsor, Harlo Hadow.